Every sailboat owner is constantly looking for maintenance services and supplies for his boat, whether it’s new pieces of rigging or deck hardware, bottom cleaning or painting, sail repair, or major engine repairs.  Knowing where to go for a specific maintenance item or service can save a lot of time.


Listed below are several yards from Ft. Myers to Marco Island that have the capability to haul out and service sailboats.

Not every boatyard can handle all your maintenance needs, so it pays to stop in or call before finalizing your plans.  Please contact the individual yards to determine their suitability to provide the specific services you require.

Parts and Supplies

Listed below are several local and web based providers of spare parts, supplies, and services for sailboats:

Please let us know other suppliers that you’ve found and like.


Listed below are several local marinas that can accomodate sailboats.  Please contact the individual marinas for information on the services they provide.

There are also private slips and docks available in Naples that can be arranged with individual owners.  Check local newspaper, real estate listings and Craig’s List for availability.