Our Approach

Sailing in southwest Florida is in its infancy as a leisure activity or pastime.  Sport fishing and power boating are much more popular based on the number of power boats compared to the number of sailboats that you'll find in every marina and on the coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  Our goal is to raise the boating community's awareness of sailing and address the information needs of the sailing population in southwest Florida.

Our Story

As new sailboat owners and recently relocated to southwest Florida from the midwest, we spent a lot of time searching for information about the local sailing community and supporting infrastructure.  The results of our search were pretty sparse in the beginning, and it quickly became clear that we were going to have to travel further and dig deeper to find the resources we needed to meet other sailors and maintain our boat.  Assuming others may have found themselves in the same dilemma, we thought it might be useful to share what we are learning along the way.  This is our attempt at pulling all the results of our research into one easily accessible location.  Our thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way and contributed information for this website.